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New Fiat Doblo

The Fiat Doblo is a highly regarded workhorse by many commercial fleet buyers and drivers alike. It is now available in traditional petrol engine models and also offers a new level of fuel economy as the e Doblo, an all-electric model offering zero-emission driving and when fully charged offers WLTP combined cycle range of up to 175 miles.


Available in:

Fiat Doblo Cargo Van – The Fiat Professional Doblo is available in two lengths. Standard (4.4m) and Maxi (4.75m). Optimal balance between performance and weights ensures excellent dynamic behaviour and comfort.

Fiat Doblo Crew Van – Long body version with sliding bulkhead and modular system between seat and cargo space.

The Fiat Professional Doblo comes with a range of different features, including:

The Magic Cargo feature expands the versatility of the vehicle’s interior, allowing you to carry up to 3 people in the rear or increase the length and working volume. Higher cargo capacity, increased by +0.5m3, a working length ≥ 1.80 m, capacity up to 4.4 m3 and payload up to 1000 kg. Perfect for your daily jobs.

The Magic Mirror – an innovative feature that has come to enrich the safety and ADAS equipment of the new Doblo. It displays images captured by 2 cameras on the 5” digital rearview mirror, one under the right rearview mirror and the other above the rear doors providing 3 different views to perform any manoeuvre safely.

17 active and passive Advance Driving Assistance Systems will help you travel safely. With ADAS you will always have support whilst driving and in your manoeuvres, leaving you with peace of mind to carry out your day to day at work.

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