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Sherwood Truck & Van Deal: Five extra S-WAY for Brit European Fleet

As part of its commitment to continually strengthen its operational capabilities, Cheshire based international haulage contractor Brit European has added another five new IVECO S-WAY trucks to its fleet. 

Jeremy Hulme of Sherwood Truck and Van, the group supplying the new vehicles, explained the choice: “Brit European was an early adopter of the all new S-WAY when it launched in 2020 and the latest delivery is an indication of the high driver satisfaction that is an essential part of the company’s success. 

“The 490hp IVECO S-Way AS440 S49 TX/FP boasts a lavishly appointed active space cab and a 13-litre Cursor engine. The full air suspension across all axles not only provides versatility and enhanced driver comfort but also allows monitoring of axle weight compliance directly from the cab. This kind of suspension can also be particularly useful in mild off-road scenarios where uneven terrains might be a challenge.”

This fleet expansion highlights not just the trucks’ efficiency and adaptability but also emphasises Brit European’s commitment to its drivers. As Andy Evans, Fleet Optimisation Manager explains: “Our fleet travels right across Europe every day, and one of our core focuses has always been the comfort of our drivers. Professional drivers in reliable, comfortable trucks give the best customer service and their feedback on the S-Way model has been positive enough for us to order more, and we’re equally appreciative of the consistent after-sales support from Sherwood Truck and Van.”

A five-year service contract included in the deal ensures that the new additions will be well-maintained, reinforcing Brit European’s dedication to service and longevity.

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